Harness the Power of Amazon Sales Estimators, and Why Your Business Should Use Them

Are you an FBA Amazon Seller?

If the answer to this question is an affirmative: Yes; then you could really do with an Amazon Sales Estimator.

What are Amazon Sales Estimators?

Amazon Sales Estimator let you check a product’s monthly sales volume. Product research takes a huge amount of your time. So, by using Sales Estimators, you can cut down on this significant amount of time spent and focus on your business.

In addition to the sales estimate, you’ll see the amount of other sellers, so you know the level of competition you’re facing.

You can also check the product’s historical price and sales volume – this gives you an indication if the intended product is likely to perform well in the future. Gaining an insight into this data helps you reduce risk and maximise profit.

Do you need Amazon Sales Estimators?

I don’t need to tell you that there are millions of items sold all over the world, by millions of vendors. Amazon Marketplace is one of the biggest retail giants in the world, one of the key reasons being is that anyone can sell almost any item on Amazon from anywhere in the world.

It may be simple to start selling on Amazon to begin with, however surviving as a business is another thing altogether, and you want to be taking steps to ensure you are ranking nice and highly on Amazon, to stay ahead of the competition.

Fun Facts about Amazon Sales Rankings

1.     Only 10% of the customers look beyond page 3 on Amazon.

2.    90% of customers will purchase exclusively on Pages 1-3 of Amazon’s search results. If your product is not there, you will lose the majority of your sales.

3.     Half of all web shoppers will go to  Amazon to search for a product.

4.     Over  100 million users  use Amazon Prime globally.

Higher Rankings = Higher Sales!

The more keywords your product shows up for, the more you will sell.

What are the Key Benefits of Amazon Sales Estimators?

amazon sales rank calculator Track Your Rankings

Review how your rankings develop over time, and see the effects of your optimisation efforts on keyword rankings.

Jungle scout estimator Keyword Search Help

Take the guess work out what customers are searching for on Amazon.

Jungle scout estimator Insights into potential product profits

Gain valuable insights by monitoring similar products’ sales histories.

amazon sales calculator Improve Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Discover which product listings need working on and improving. Amend your product title, description and bullet points.

amazon sales estimator Review Search Volumes

Use the search volume indicator to help you prioritise the most relevant keywords for your product.

amazon sales rank calculator Secretly spy on your competitors!

Get a peek at your competitor’s products and their prices.

Optimise Listings

Optimise your keyword rankings to ensure your customers track your products down on Amazon.

Which are the Best Amazon Sales Estimators?

There are many Amazon Sales Estimators, found online for your convenience. Simply enter the product category, and the ranking of the product, and then go ahead and extract the sales volume. We have listed a few of the most popular Amazon Sales Estimators here for you to try out for yourself.

IO Scout Estimator

IO Scout amazon sales estimator

Jungle Scout Estimator

sales estimator

Helium 10 Estimator

amazon sales rank estimator

Unicorn Smasher Estimator

amazon sales rank

Viral Launch Estimator

Sales Estimator

ASINspector Estimator

sales estimator

Seller Legend Estimator

amazon sales estimator

FAQ About Amazon Sales Estimators

How do the Amazon Sales Estimators work?

Amazon Sales Estimators use the sales rank of a product listed in a specified category to estimate the number of units of a product sold in a day.

One word of caution: Amazon Sales Estimator tools are a way to check average monthly sales numbers only for specific Amazon categories.

They should only be used as estimates, and definitely not taken as absolute accurate figures for your product market research phases.

How do I find Amazon’s Sales Rank?

It’s actually much easier than you think to find ranking for your specific product. Search for the product of your choice on Amazon’s site. Scroll down once you’ve selected the product, and select Product Description . In this area, you will find the whole details of the product, and identify Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Here you will discover the rank details and the category of the listed product.

To Conclude

Amazon Sales Estimators are an essential tool for sellers to research new products and trends, improve your online selling business and business opportunities.

Try out the different tools available to you, and make your Amazon business stand out, and be smarter than your competitors.